A living story

We float over solvent crystals of life 

Glistening in the all glory of our stars might 

The wind winding round us

Sweeping up minute glitter

flicking the crystaline particles of life

As sparkles of radiance on our skins 

A complement to sparkles in our eyes 

A temporal tunnel borrowing the depths of faith 

A moment hung in eternity 

A transpiring of unspoken gifts and promises 

Asilent understanding 

A pledge of love in every realm promised 

Agreement in the slow blink of an eye

sealed with polite fervour as a 

Kiss over the salt waters

Cleansed and anointed by 

The salt of the earth and holiness of the 

Eternal presence the one who spoke existence 

Consecrated by the eternal agapi in the struggle 

Of the mystical meanings and the free will of our love.


A living story. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blessings and love x

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The imagery here is very, and

The imagery here is very, and I mean very, impressive.  This is one of those intensely mystical poems that remain with the reader after the reading experience.   


[* /+/ ^]

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mystical and enlightment 

mystical and enlightment 

ron parrish

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"...the one who spoke existance"

A denotation for goddess concepts. Phenomenal write, u old ssmoothie. Entertain inspire elevate - all the great stuff, the necessary fabrics live here. I am 

gonna go now and glisten in the glory of ma stars.