I'm tired but ready


I'm so tired of witchcraft and godlessness thrown into our faces there's no magic in Christmas, there's no miracle trick and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the mass confusion, the spiltting of hairs, families and souls. 

Im tired of the glorification of evil,

the romantic view 

Harry potty,




And ghosts.

Holy ancient texts 

Pagan mantras

And old knowledge ridiculed 

Thor, lowkey in of other titans 

The Christ self cries 

The God head waits...

They laugh at our spirituality

and righteousness. 

Up is down down is up, 

Boy is girl, woman is man 

Child is adult 

Adult is child 

sacred is forgotten 

your preference against the grain

guides your power 

 Apartheid devil tries 

Colourful lies


The only colour that matters 

the colour of money 

AI funnelling us into obedience 

For the super rich fancy 

There's no honey in money

There's only in its power...


Its all about the presents 

Not the Presence.

So im going to ask you to reclaim your soul 

Your spirituality, 

Your life 

Think good thoughts 

Love your enemy 

As you live yourself 

Forgive as you forgive a child 

Be kind 

Be the real change 

The joy and light in the world 

That has dominion over all

That no evil can vanquish 

No evil can prosper 

fight for the true light 

Not the neon lie


Fight for the glory of you who were created 

Brought to life and existence through the 7 planes 

The great miracle of millions and 1 was you, the condition was set out just right for you, perfectly lined up in time space and beyond and yet you tge precious gift endowed with free will. Choice. 


Now we have a unique window of opportunity to petition the courts of heaven and seek the help.od the most high! 


Once in every 6000 years starting with Saturn abd Jupiter all the planets the sun and 3 moons will align, now is your awakening if you want it. Do not be afraid 


Sing a song of joy in your heart, ask for the goodly future we need, we all want. Peace 

Pray, seek, love, smile. 


You are your best chance at our best future 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We are living in the most extraordinary of times! 

Dont be afraid. We got this good people we out number despite evils best effort. 

Unhook from your TV. Hook into your spiritual reality and change the universe one positive thought at a time. Be fearless. 

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No problem. Except for money's color - lots if it stacked real high could lead to altruism. I fear guns and knives hangwoman's ropes, white robes and pointy hoods. I'd sing joy and peace but the didactic blues keeps showin' up. Vintage rant. Sometimes the world is just the world - make yo own happy!


Thursday is Thor's Day and inspired Santa. His hammer was also used to resurrect and to bless things. Loki was bad news all day  Crazy Asgardians!




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Hey yeah vintage rants... you

Hey yeah vintage rants... you know I love all rants! Sray blessed, stay awesome!!! Hugss xo

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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We Keep Workin'

For a better future. Good might be a stretch. We tend to evolve into evil. Humans!