Unmasking ills of the world

A mass unveiling 


Biology mixed with physiology 

Churned through the mill of pseudo psychology 

A truth syrum taken with a shot of lies 

Incantations laced 

Voodoo pins stuck in innocent skin 

Blood is thicker than water 

Well, it used to be

Before Lucifers page headed up the dedication 

In the book of Marks.

Take it if you will 

Blind sheep 

Folly for dolly 

Folly for you 

Dead cells 

Live ills,

Take your tainted holy water 

Mosquito like 

Disected baby 



Lies upon lies 

Opinions float 

And yet not one 

New neumoic statistic

No flu 

No fly 

No choice 

No life 

Thrive despite 




The world is dumbs 

But we all is 'bouts to finds outs 




Buy gold 

Not lies 

No more 

Today this bullshit dies


Less radiation 

Our minds are clearer

and we are beginning to see

the truth.

Kids your kids goodnight 

Which pill will be taken?

The cure for all ills 

Or the mother of all ills? 

It doesn't matter if youre in a coma.



800,000  children go missing every year in 1 country alone 

3,000,000 worldwide 

Death counts on flu 4,000,000 a year world wide

This year 1.5 million 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Next year due  to  flu suppression there will be as the statics have trended over 60 years a more lethal flu season meaning nearly double the deaths 

What are we being set up for? 

Im feeling sick just knowing what goes on 

As if its possible to measure the impossible 

So much bullshit going against my training 

But who will speak with me? No one the machine  is too big, at least, untill we all wake up and take back our God given rights. Communism is socialism 

People will always want more than what they have 

Look at equality... there's youre evidence right there 

But what if youre never allowed to be more or have more than anyone else? Own nothing and be nothing work what ever for the same exact dollar, sale assistant and doctor oh, sorry no sales no shopping just handouts. There's only one mix that works and that's capitalist~socialist  or free trade markets like currently happening in Greece amongst financial collapse. They farm and trade jobs for food swap shoes order groceries 1 month in advance. No more internet just swap meets. More church, more work, less food more happiness. 

Imagine how easy it would be to ho into Disney land as a school group tour and kids are delivered under ground in one of those rides? And now we have a scamdemic in honour if pan and theory recorded deaths are covid as long as its listed on the death certificate...  ask for car fatalities, ask for heart attacks stats and flu shot stats of how many that died were given a prior flu vaccine- cant find it anywhere..  gematria 66⁶ carona

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Trust Is All We Have

Limited access to knowledge - no one thrives or gains, all are controlled. Equality no, ability to gain generational wealth - lower class is smarter and has evolved.  Cake is not enough! Old aesthetics are being replaced. Newer Gods to worship or none. The news is not fake, nor can it be discarded by one idiot soon to be x-prez. White supremacy is doomed. 

Looks like the cabinet is going to be diverse. One Senstor went Independent. Those fired by Trump are speaking up. Enter the histories. January 5th may change the washington weather.


usa broke, citizens divided severely by every criteria possible. People talk at you and not to you. Babel Syndrome. 

Not every one is wrong - new leadership long over due:


ps money infused in a poorer country diffuses into that economy - people eat and country remains relatively stable inside usa diminion. It is a power dominance toy, foreign aid.
.'Less food more happiness smacks of give em cake. Last time that led to guillotines.