I like walls.


I like em.

I like the walls,

My bedroom walls,

Filled with the shadows of respite 

My living room walls

Decorated with pictures  

Shelves with trinkets and family rules

My modest bathroom walls 

Lined with mosaques,

The toilet wall too of course! 

My kitchen walls when sustinance is produced

Which reminds me, 

I like my garden wall grey stones coved in moss

Eligantly framing my prize tomatoes an fruit trees 

I like my nieghbour's wall muraled with brightly coloured designs

I like the granduer  great wall of china 

The great walls of of halls 

The saftey of prison walls,

I like the walls of my favourite wine cellar rocky red and dry.

I really love walls of all kinds and you know what else I really like?

I like doors.

I also like locks.

And peepholes and windows.

I like walls, they make me safe 

I like dogs too. 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Make of it what you will 

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allets's picture


R 4 paintings. And 4 keeping out the riffraff. Good for keeping out wind rain ex associates. Like that :D