eyes flash heart beats in tandem 

a waiting game 

a predilection given over 

the tempo aligns 

the dance begins 

an orbit around atmospheres 

the tasting of ether

a blend of intoxication 

and indoctrination 

the scent of temptation lingers 

a supple notion takes form 

twisting and winding of a breath 

interchanged with promise 

a heavy countenance of anticipation 

yet, touch was refused 

and together they imagined 

adifferent existence

beyond the plane of reality 

to a place in the future 

where two souls merge

into one magnificent phoenix 

where love is always revived 

in the tiny hope conceived

in each other's eyes.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a million dreams down millions to go.

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I agree with Cascade's

I agree with Cascade's comment . . . this is a magnificent poem!


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I wish you a galaxy of

I wish you a galaxy of ecstacy, dear poet. This was amazing. I love it!