£ A penny for your thoughts or even a pound?

Looking starward,

I'm inclined to try and be more concious of it,

like the sound of a tap as it opens

you hear the initial turn,

the water travelling the pipes

then the gush as it arrives and hits the sink

and as we turn the tap again;

the trickle;

and the final slip down the drain pipe

where it finally fades...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In for a penny in for a pound a dedication Starward starward bound...

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A brilliant tribute to a

A brilliant tribute to a brilliant poet. With a skillful and clever touch, you created an audible metaphor that reminds us to raise our sights, to open our awareness to a greater reality . . . before it slips away, unnoticed. May we all pause to look "starward". 


An innovative and insightful reflection. 

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This is so beautiful, and the

This is so beautiful, and the combination of words makes a music out of two sounds---the natural sound of the water, and the poetic sound of the words.  It is like a duet, a brief but profound composition of, if I may push the metaphor, chamber music; performed for an audience of those whom poetry has been initiated.  Your poem is very demonstrative of the great poet J. V. Cunningham's belief---that a poem need not be long or large to be great. 


Thanks for posting this, and the seeing "starward" in the first line, and the dedication in the authorial note,  sure did personalize it for me.  Today has been a rough day, personally, but this definitely made it much better, and I am very, very grateful.


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