colors are for rainbows

don't call people by their colors 

Its not nice. Infact its racist.

No matter who does it.

I am not the sum of my color,

neither are you! 

You are a minority of one

no matter how many people you stand with

or against. 

You can be better at anything

if you put your mind to it,

so do that instead,

put energy into better.

Better relationships 

Better understanding 

Better acceptance 

Better collaboration 

Better unity

Better respect 

Better care 

Better effort 

Better community 

Better country 

Better remembrance 

Better value 

Be Better!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

better change starts with better compromises. Don't /can't/won't compromise? Neither did any type of supremacy group. 


May Peace and love win the day everyday x

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The Left

is not seeking compromise-power is the goal. Being humble and nice might work - it was certainly better during the past 400 years for somebody. We will not go back to a kinder gentler anything. We kill kids in cages and blow nations to blood and bones. we need:

better laws

better housing

better air

better pay

better sidewalks

better Phd's

better readers

better poetry

better technology

better gun control

better cops

better stores

better ethics

better water

better schools

better governance

better races

better profit sharing

better wealth distrubution

better food

better weather

better writers

better mentors

better climate

better prison system

better judiciary

better truths

better teachers

better better




Elections November 2020 are going to ROCK!







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I pray they do. Me

I pray they do. Me personally, I don't have faith in division and I sure don't see any unity just more unbelievably polarized opinions that quite frankly don't need to be so. I am not convinced there is anyone out there who can unify the country or solve some deep and perpetual hurt. What I do know is that calling people by thier skin colour and holding on to the reigns of the past do not a bright future make. The statistics, both historical and current  tell many different stories. I dont trust scientists any more. Vaccines are in bed with abortions. This is why they want women to murder their babies for profit. This is the lowest form of humanity lower than any racism. Racism can be healed far easier than this corruption. By giving up our babies we allow the rich and privelidge to further control us by fear and altering our DNA. I would rather be alive 60 years ago than now. The productive and golden age of hope and the pursuit of happiness. Which the disclaimer that is never put forth when tossed nonchalantly into the air is; we are each responsible for creating our happiness in the circumstances we find ourselves. We can move  forwards but we can't do it by always going backwards or looking back. Do the work and the life goals will be met, but never without challenge or rebuttal or corruption. One side will just try to destroy the other instead of work on xommunion with each other. So for this reason and also the far right and far left idiocracy, as a centre i  dind more disconnect  from conservative and progressive. I can't reach right or left they have gone too far apart. I don't do mass media I do research. I don't do band wagon I do what I think is not wrong i cross the floor for the good of many, but I will not celebrate violence or intolerance of any kind that is destructive. I do not think that those who break the law or create the law are above the law. Law making is simple if it does not benefit the whole then its not a good law. I dknt think opening up any country to foreign influence is good. Didn't like it when Russia did it, dont want people who do not prescribe to freedom and democracy or rule of law pouring unchecked into the country. Which by the way I'm flabbergasted that many young Americans dont know what a democracy is and that they live in one but rather stunningly say we are not a democracy we a Republic! Which is the most democratic system of all! Yes we need better schools better reading and researching skills, better politicians, end career politicians 20 year terms max to allow for fresh new ideas and hope. Root out affiliations limit contributions to campaigns... the list is endless. We need to teach discernment at a high level. The change required is huge but its becoming more polarised around the world. We can't unite on anything there are too many cultural barriers and I am not convinced alt progressivism is a good thing and I'm not confident that in the current system that one won't punish or destroy the other. Just look at the trantrums my thoughts which may change will cause. Watch the alienation of someone who just wants the basic rule of work hard be nice, but be brutally honest in discussion. We will see how my main message of unity, love and respect will be interpreted and twisted through uncompromising lenses, because they think they hold the holy grail. Im far too observant and realistic for that. Why do you think they want to attack Yeshua? Because he is against murder of the innocent and you can't make money on that. So we make a deal with the devil for a better life now but its just one decision that you will ultimately be blamed for when you dont get where you want to go because on your way there you may have trampled on some precious things thinking they were just part of the ground you walked on. Aspirituality is the real  pathway to get around cultural barriers. It relies on logic and so does math, you can spin logic, but you can't spin faith, and once you've felt it that inner guidance intuition, and bigger connection to the universe it is undefeatable because death has meaning not just life, because life isn't that crash hot sometimes. But the struggle is powerful, transformative and sometimes beautiful! And I am not a religious or spiritual bigot unless it in my opinion is not a positive or hurtful situation which can be found in any religion or business practice, my own included. The real threat is not knowing the difference between right or wrong and knowing the difference between right or wrong and excusing it. This is a philosophical stand point, but someone will hate me because of it. I hope I am never driven to hate them back. And I hope and pray that I am wise enough not to become a hypocrite but I am starting to realise it may be impossible. Good luck and love to all xx hugss SS.

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Racism Can Not Be Healed

Discussed and accepted as history, constant reminders of racism as a philosophy and practice has emblems that glorify it and perpetuate it. It will not heal. That boat was never built and will never sail. Too much hatred based on greed and oppression. It is a wonder there have not been more massacres. Post 1967-68 police were militarized to curtail just that. There is no forgiveness possible for european caucasians enslaving humans? Race war. Here, it will never end. 400 years of it? No way. Anti-Abortion was white fear that prople of COLOR might challenge white supremacy. Too many white women were having abortions. We see history through different lenses - that also will never change. Platitudes and courtesy are not going to change history past or future. Hate will continue to be the prediminant Black creed against white people and slavery of the past has nothing to do with this hatred. We are no longer afraid. That is what bothers Trump. He fears a race war. We are strategically patient - he would love a reason to mass murder us. With military and dogs so we will suffer. Racism is a sickness. It is pervasive here. Ask any first nation activist. ~S~




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SSmoothie . . . I would like

SSmoothie . . . I would like to reply to this comment with a couple of questions, but if . . .in any way . . . this seems intrusive on YOUR comment section, or seems like using your comment section to create a debate, please accept my apology in advance and feel free to delete my words.  I appreciate our friendship too highly to trespass against your comment section, if you fell that I have.

  Allets . . .if we see history through different lenses, which one is the most accurate view?  Anti-abortion an effect of white fear? Can you cite a factual substantiation of that, or is that also one of those various lenses?  And hatred as a predominate creed?

  Again, SSmoothie, if I have in any way trespassed against, or misused, your comment space, please do not hesitate to delete this; and if I have offended in any way by raising these points in good faith, I apologize to you, and to all and sundry for my clumsy presentation.


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Debate is great as long as we

Debate is great as long as we can respect each other as human beings before and after our views are shared. 


Racism can be healed if we let it heal. My race had slaves and was enslaved for 400 years twice by to separate overthrows the last massacre was less than 70 years ago in living memory. The Western society which has brought progress and indeed freedom should not be Villanised if we are enjoying the fruits of its adoption over the world. Nearly everyone in a developed country has access to basic essentials and phones. None of this would be possible without Western humanitarian projects. If the Caucasian person helps those who are needy are they beneith them and is the 'all other than Caucasian' persons ability to help a needy caucasion place them above that person? Now if a person sees a visual icon repeated again and again, what a race stands for, or demographic stands for they have been conditioned by circumstances, to change the circumstances there need to be different choices both in viewing and the viewed. This change has to be systemic but also collaborative. No one is right or wrong but a product of their environment. There is a tall poppy tear down lazy mentality where people are envious of others successes. It doesn't matter what race we tear our own down who make it in the wesrern technology, progressive, increasingly aspiritual, emotionally manipulative world environment. The players behind the players are moving towards a game of power that involves all of us being complicit slaves attacking each other for everything driving fear because fear sells. You will sell your freedom in a heart beat because you don't want to die for it because you are now afraid of death because you are Driven not to trust your God and your intuition, and pitting your sense of fairness against your survival using the ironic age old guilt trip over elments you your self have had no control over and I dont appreciate this nor do I find it helpful in assigning systemic blame. I dont think privlidge can be assigned to a race these days, if anyone has privlidge its the mass media and government officials who negate and separate  the community to gain sustenance and power. Of there is no problem you dont need someone to fix it, so they manufacture victims and envy promising to deliver it but rarely do. When they do its for show and this is tge way we should look at politics on the basis of the minority of one not their party affiliates. But what they actually do yhey have years, let them lay their record out before you elect and reflect on thier votes on each issue and as yourself are they voting the way they have told you they would? We can access this information but we aren't told to look instead we ate fed propaganda believing by voting we are changing or doing something... I see less terrorism or maybe just less reporting on terrorism...? I see less community violence the lull but now straight after you couldn't find touket paper of all things in a developed country where you can was your ass with soap and water you are rioting and attacking businesses - small businesses, working class the class that funds the majority of taxes and health care and emergency services. Why? Because everyone who owns a business or works is privileged? I dont understand how ending racism requires payment or retribution. It only inspires more racism because there was nothing learned about what Malcolm said. I cant see love I see anger and as long as there is no forgiveness there is no amount of money or power that will give peace. There will always be small groups in power spreading evil, its the way of the world, if we don't fight it respectfully and lovingly then what chance do we have? Who is really perpetuating this systemic idea? Its 2020 and a pandemic couldn't unite us. I guess multiculturalism is s failure. We are all too different. Each individual battling so much, so hard, the few have made us enemies since the dawn of time this is how power is cultivated and i for one refuse to be a useful idiot. I will question, I will provoke reflection and I will stand up for my truth. It may not make us friends but I do not deny the evils of the world, I do not deny the pain, suffering or injustice of the past but I am living in the now. Now is where I am where I can ve effective. It doesn't mean I can be ignorant it does mean I can be a dreamer and a realist and it all starts with dropping the 180 degree finger pointing, and start hugging and working together to realise our potential in our unity despite our differences in opinions, beliefs, food security, subculture, politics, and general life principles. I could bring out the statistics but they are far too skewed you only have to ask the right questions to get the right answers so bias and bigotry in all forms are a protective ekemrnt of human nature, Im not sure how we can bypass it except by each unique and individual experience being positive... that's a lot of work! I sure hope we're all up to it! Love and hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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This is, again, an eloquent

This is, again, an eloquent reply, and summary of what it will take to remove hate as the predominate creed.  I applaud the amount of thought you have obviously put into this, and it reminds me of some of similar statements I heard in the seventies.  Today I read a quotation from the great science fiction writer, Walter Miller, Jr, to the effect that the human nature demands a sign and then stones that sign when it is given.  Thank you again for summarizing so eloquently the problem and the solution.


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Excellent observation.  Your

Excellent observation.  Your assertion about a minority of one impresses me as very profound---theologically, philosophically, and politically.  Colors can define, for example, my beloved's striped socks, but not the person, or the personality, that I love.


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Im glad you see the deeper

Im glad you see the deeper elements. No one is the same, no one occupies the exact same space and time as you. If we were all treated as individuals and let go of the power in numbers and thought about the power in being creative, imagine? Where could we go as a society? I'm all about diversity and freedom to choose. So I'm a juxtaposition any day of the week. The west live in a privileged societal structure with much more choice, though fear mongering is slowly making us give it up more and more. No power to the  compared to East, North or south. Its okay to want what you want, its not okay for you to want what you want for someone else. Minority of one just because you agree with one idea doesn't cancel out any or all others .blessingss

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Thanks for your eloquent

Thanks for your eloquent reply.  Your poem makes me think that we should modify what the ancient philosopher Heraclitus wrote, that one cannot step into the same river twice:  I not only can't step into the same river twice, I can't even step once for someone else, only myself.  The great fallacy and death-causing error of the Nazi, Fascist and Bolshevik parties was the idea that what they wanted for themselves must be wanted, and enforced upon, all other individuals in the land.  Lenin, himself, boasted that only a vanguard party, his, the Bolsheviks, could tell "the People" what they wanted and needed---from the form of their government to the fixins in their cabbage broth.


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Its not eloquent but I'll say

Its not eloquent but I'll say it because I'm not a snob, I value all expression - 'YOU NAILED IT!!! Yes I believe thevphilosophers  statement itself does lead the thinker to this exact idea about the toe in the water and the nature of thier experiences, schemata and preferences. Its like you pulled the exact same thoughts from my head. It resonated so completely I was left gobsmacked but it needs a reply and hours later here it is a lovely simpatico! I'll read through your poems tomorrow because I have a rare day off I will be reading with new eyes! 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Thank you for the kind reply,

Thank you for the kind reply, and the compliment.  And of course you are welcome to visit my handful of poems at any time convenient to you.  Have a great holiday weekend.


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