Best of it


Another meaningless title 

Another stab in  the dark 

Grabbing for whispers of love 

Smoke in the dark 

Slipping through my fingers 

Easy to see 


Hard to capture in Word 

The usual description won't fit

Comfortable madness 

I'm bareft at the thought of thoughts with out it 

stranger to say I'm happy with even the least of 

The best of it 

Could I even hope to capture 

Just one look 

One millisecond of recognition 

In the eyes I'm too afraid to look in 

I swear I know you so well 

If only vacant eyes could see

the power

Of what could be,

yet couldn't fathom 

The despair if

what was made, was not...




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Whatever you find don't waste it xo

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The Best Things

Are simple. ~"


"One milisecond of recognition" ten (10) syllables in four words. Style!