That feeling again

Its been too long 

I sense that our paths will again cross 

I shut it down 

But you're still on the radio,

In my Poetry 

In my soul 

hanging like a kiss in the air 

The anticipation curls it's self around me like a sleeping fox one eye open 

Hope rising like incense 

Crushed by the inevitable promise of fate 

But like a silk flower released from a cruel grasp

I unfold blooming,

straightening out the wrinkles of love

begging to be crushed by the passion again 

The hopeful fox gently nudges,

I pretend not to take note

and dance with the knowledge of your persistence

You're so damn bad for me

I can't believe you feel so good!

I can't...


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allets's picture

"Hope rising like incense"

mello mello mello simile ~S~



word_man's picture

i guess f it`s love you can

i guess f it`s love you can feel and hear it everywhere

ron parrish