The Big Ass battle & me

It came over like a sudden dark cloud of oppression 

Still a surprise even though I saw it coming,

Breathing taunts down my neck 

Threatening it with breaking 

Bending my back past aching 

I stuffed all my self worth in my big Ass trunk 

I turned Ass up and left that place upside down 

I turned up for myself 

I watch the storm form inside out

Such a hope of winning it had

All hollow victory to rival all hollow victories 

Scraping up the win from the floor of chaos and desperation 

I'm taking my losses and gambled them on winning 

And I did, 

Who'd of thought such tyranny could bring me such happiness and others turmoil? Well to the victor goes the spoils 

Even if all that was won was what was spoilt

Happy wallowing in your victory 

I'm off losing like a real winner

Coming back to life on my terms.

My way.

And your Big Ass Battle got me that! 

Now you deal with it.

I made happy because of you.



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  "...I'm off winning like a


"...I'm off winning like a real loser..." Oh, baby! U got that right! Hit me right between the eyes. Appreciation comes in oppositions, in relativities: How much pain and anguish, suffering, and tears go into one rising up and starting back on the path to winning. The win means somewhere something loses, someone loses, fails, is left behind to weep. Tread on! I am now making happiness for me. :D Peace ~Lady A~




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Good for you, smoothie ! 

Good for you, smoothie !  Change is a good thing. Fresh and new.  Expand and grow...and keep going. Blessings, dear poet !

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and you did it your way

and you did it your way

ron parrish

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I sure did! 

I sure did! 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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