Justice by a Higher Name

How I laughed confident like

Founded upon nervous undertones

hoping you wouldn't hear it


I sure gave you a good kick in the guts! 

It took my breath away 

The way I took yours 

Now I watch you as a curiosity sucking for air

Like fish gaping flipping and flopping

in a dried up rock pool


How does it feel? 

That sense of suffocation? 

I know you think you won't survive

Don't worry, you will... 


I can attest to that

Besides we both prescribe to the same idea

And my saviour will save you as your saviour 

Will you choke when you have to say our saviour?


Don't worry the blade gets sharper tempered by fire 

Trials are for survival and transformation 

You'll flip flop and gasp for air but the tide will roll in

And I will drift away and leave you to find your way


But not before the first cut, 

The deepest 

Is replaced by a scar across my soul 

May God have mercy 

Because you certainly don't! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes grace just gets in the way of Justice.

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allets's picture

Nice Editing

Clarity oozes to the surface of justice :D