As I step on to the precipice of the unknown 

I don't dare look down;

instead I trusted that once that step was taken

I flew. 


The whistling of doubt swirling around my ears 

Drowned out by the scream of delight 

Free falling to uncertainty 


I never bothered to learn how to fly 

I had too much faith 

All broken wings are mended 


control is nothing but a choice 

And never have I ever run out of choices 


The best choice I have ever made 

Is to call a spade a spade 

Never to doubt my self in anything 

That mistakes aren't real 

A course of action is simply a choice

and a collection of reactions 

That don't exist except in a memory


I am always in control of my reactions 

And that's why I didn't flinch when you threw my dignity to the floor

I walk out and left it


Obviously you were in need of some.


Excuse me, but I have other choices to make 

Get the fuck out of my way


I'm gonna fly! 


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Time To Fly

U go! Ain't no stoppin' you! - :D slc