The fuck over has begun

you rub your hands of me as if you are immune

your sleazy preferences prancing around as new blood

in tight skirts and loose blouse just the ticket you awful louse 

I will return to right this wrong as I have before 

I will tear your false pride limb from limb 

rip your nose from the air 

expose the cavernous chest you hide

lay it all bare your fake concern and false care 

i will match you blow for blow 

I don’t easily scare 

you may think the power lies with you Mr Pharisee

the truth is you are nothing, 

fucking nothing,

against me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

your time will come.

i have arrived. 

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allets's picture

SS Is Back!

The rant lives! Mr. Pharisee is priceless. ~S~