World watching


Saw a child ripped from a mother begging for mercy


saw an old man shuffling down the street kicked over and spat on 


saw a man who claimed he was a woman beat a man and woman for crossing paths holding hands 


it made for anger


saw a child hung from a tree because he didn’t like his name and wanted hers


saw a child split her veins because someone called out her colour instead of her name 


Saw a group of men bash an elderly lady because she had nothing to give


Saw a youth in her early teens stoned for fun a lie is an easy thing to defend in hatred.


Saw a baby torn from its unloving mother limb from limb 


saw many people who who did nothing because they were white 


saw many people who who did nothing because they were black


saw many people who who did nothing because they were red 


saw many people who who did nothing because they were brown


saw many people who who did something and were trampled on and maimed because they were united as one colour yellow fighting for life for liberty equality and not a damn thing was solved 


for they could not decide if they were a country a family or one world made of an individual without rights just laws and no chance to hope in becoming anything greater than ones self equal to the next individual with no individual thought or life style just one collective groan.


all for the lies people tell 


and the pain pain and suffering they are not afraid to cause so that others may live the life of freedom and liberties you crave and deserve as a human with rights.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

the world is heating up, not on tempreture as the median has dropped two degrees on average since temperatures were taken. The is a war on truth and decencY using our desires for peace and unity against us. Nationalism is the only choice as it offers diversity of life and liberty. I admire all nationalists they love thier countries and way of life and are prepared to fight for it. The influences are great it’s time to wake. No one supremacy is greater than any other. Demand your freedom and your fredom to criticize to live the life you’ve imagined your self. Find a place make it home you will discover what being a patriot is in the real sense the right to preserve dignity and way of life in freedom with the responsibility of all those who share a common view. May peace be upon them that fight for our freedoms not funnel us into cages. The right to self determination is above all rights and given by existence ie God and thus freewill the greater gift that leads to the greatest gift of all.  

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My Dear Smoothest of all

My Dear Respected Smoothest,

                                                   It is a severe crisis which the world is facing. As the years roll by we humans are becoming more and more divided into smaller and smaller compartments hoping for some selfish benefit. But somehow I still feel and hope that good sense will prevail and boundaries are melted with strong undivided opinion.

Best wishes from a humble scribbler 



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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

ron parrish

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Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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SS On A Tear

Greed, then avarice top the ten item list for causes of mayhem Earth-wide across history and is our inheritance. An ounce of humility per human would change the future. - slc





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looks like a civil war coming

looks like a civil war coming

ron parrish

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The world would be better if

The world would be better if we never had a government.  



By the world is getting more evil as more time goes by. 

*~I know I'm blessed, but I'm cursed to ~ NF*

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 Sadly impossible. The masses

 Sadly impossible. The masses will always look for a leader and in the absence of a good one a tyrannous one. It is the human way when no one can agree then there must be one who will take the chance on their shoulders. 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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The Masses

Have become aggregates, groups with agendas and platforms, like yellow jackets in France. The metaphor needs help. Peace is a dream - the world is heating up. - slc