Sticks and false Stones


I lived hand to mouth 

searching the occult mysteries for clues 

hoping in Gods I never really believed in 

evrytime I got close

i kept being turned away 

the veneer truth seem so real 

especially when I could see my own reflection.

Praying for deliverance 

to Gods I thought I should believe in 

the truth came under the shadow of darkness 

and the shiny slick oiling of a false hope 

desperation was each meal 

each thought 

each action 

every breath 

coining to life 

and the shadows closing in 


muzzled and subdued 

I called for help 

i didn’t know from who 

I didn’t know from where 

and one shadow reached 

I flinched waiting for more of the same 

only I was held 

lifted up 

raised from the death I was living 

and I was taken 

and weary,

suspicious I waited for pain 

but I was fed instead



and housed 

educated and never did I think 

the glimmer on his charm 

hung from his neck 

was the hope of all hopes 

glory was mine and I hadn’t earned a thing 

and so I walk the life dragging my own cross 

walking lighter than my sorrows 

prouder than my strain 

and just like that 

all I was made good again 

I pay it forward daily 

but you don’t know our love for you 

look out, 

here we come

our backs 

holding broken sticks 

and taking up all your stones

to save you 

and let you know 

that you are more than just mere flesh and bone

you are our everything

and we will come for you.

lay down your sticks and stones 

and thickened skin

its time to Shine 

and thrive.



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Shining And Thriving

Finding the conditions to embrace the opportunity to thrive and be acknowledged is the ticket! Good write - slc