Echos and dreams met head-on with reality


eye to eye it all came flooding back 

the memory no longer a ghost

but standing in the flesh instead of fantasy 

the years did nothing to quell the burning recognition of eternity 

iris to iris 

held there in time stopped 

with the nagging sense of reality 

calling back the senses 

reality is a bitch! 

and sure as hell is no friend of mine! 

I wish I had forgotten 

every detail faded in time 

the glimmer flashed 

only to burn the wick tracing each memory 

through the years of Devine hope 

soldered in eachothers hearts 

and a myriad of almosts 

now sat right beside me 

and you and I pretended 

we couldn’t remember each other’s names 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Funny like that huh? 

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allets's picture

"myriad of almosts"

a lot of nothing. Lived through, remembered, yearned to have been more. Nice - slc



word_man's picture

a trip down memory lane,guess

a trip down memory lane,guess we all go there

ron parrish