Her again

Another tradgedy 

I scrape myself up off the floor yet again

pooling what Left I can catch of me before it seeps into the surrounds 

dignity and faith these are all I have 

even hope seems a mountain too sheer to climb

the next time I’ll pray for death 

or some reason to explicate it all

what use is there when fractals 

are all that remain of my higher self 

a mass of confusion 

of bits repeated 

over and at different angles 

too shattered to come together cleanly 

or even orderly 

a disarrangement of shards 

shoved into a dark sheath 

labeled Eve

to be used and abused 

trapped by patriarchy 

of the foul unrighteous kind 

she endures because she can

she is strength 

she is in all things grand 

but one weakness 

is all it takes 

to wash my blood off your hands 

and when all the bits of her are grains of sand 

only faith can keep her together 

as she crumbles to oblivion 

defiant and stoic they try to delete her 

still bits of her remain

and conscience 

will engulf 

the sowers 

of injustice 

and her birth 

is her day of clarity 

outside of deception 

She will be renewed 

And in the universe 

she will conspire 

once again 

to prove the depth of her strength 

and return The rites of love 

to those it was 

stolen from.

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...a disarrangement of

...a disarrangement of shards/shoved into a dark sheath..." I feel like that sometimes. Well said. - Be well -slc




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Keep fighting and keep

Keep fighting and keep living.  Nice writing.

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deep,touching write

deep,touching write

ron parrish