Differences are contrasts

that make me take stock

view points change

according to the casting of the shadows 

we can not ever hope to know the whole truth

so grab your flickers with both hands tightly

and never let go 

logic fails where love conquers 

and deception mimics truth so sweetly,

so innocently 

it defies suspicion.

popular agreement is heralded

by the herald only

no thinking necessary

we loved to be told what is what

true sheep 

never looking twice just following the herd 

but the blackest ones 

the prized and persecuted ones 

they were lions in wool

and more black lambs are becoming rams 

and the mirror hiding truth will crack 

and the Walls of our confines will be broken

only problem is 

how do we know we want it?

want the unknown 

sounds awfully complicated to me?

which pied piper will we choose?

and if we could 

who would let us live 

peacefully without interruption

our truths 

Our beliefs 

our customs

our souls 

our love 

our peace 

our true self determination 

without the need for cattle prods 

and gags 

slaughter houses of reality 

playing on my mind 

begging the realisiation 

of my soul.

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allets's picture

Certainly Glad

No cattle prods are needed :D slc