The years grow into pain 
as easily as laughter and sorrows 
The hard press of coals 
washing of grit from crystaline diamonds
Reveals each facet
Another view of The faces tragedy and comedy, 
like Hope after disaster
Careless memories float off in the wind, 
another casualty of life's isms is taken 
A broad brush,
but a magnificent master stroke 
We knit ourselves in and out of entwinement
Searching for the immaculate fit
Faced with rebirth or endless eternity 
No Mark of pain goes without the blessing
No laughter goes unrelished 
For all the love and hope in the world
rests with one thought
one idea
One action
One desire 
One cure 
Love, riding the Tails of hope
on the beast of tragedy
All is mitigated and put right, 
If not this time, then next 
And nothing is lost forever
life is the great mystery,
that we must never solve
Lest we know it all,
Suddenly dissolved into nothingness!
that would be the only true tragedy
Of the aeons and of the ages of ages
To ever be cast upon the seas of eternity

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This Line

"Love, riding the Tails of hope
on the beast of tragedy"


That is really fine writing - slc



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i guess we can all relate

i guess we can all relate

ron parrish