the Swirling of facts in my mind

demanding constant attention 

when I just want recusal

fighting for the comfort

of the lone candle, burning away the dark 

how much time left for solace? 

accept and return weary, wise and ready 

tomorrow when the war began and come home, 

remember you invited it.

you brought it home to stay

with your own generosity playing against you

how can i win against myself?

i know all my self defeating tricks

so do they...

they taught them to me 

I break free some moments 

when my soul flies to the future 

when everything is new and unresolved 

free from boredom and fear

where you create your own world 

and speak of it what you will 

with no retribution 

and no similar than your furthest neighbor 

and closer than you can dream 

and just as the last flame died out

I remembered where I was again.


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"Free from boerdom and fear

where you create you own world" - SSmoothie


Slough off the mundane, the repeated,

the unproductive, the dreaming emptiness

as well as the shivering causes, the sweat

inducing, the rear stepping threat. Pick up

a shovel full of excitement inside or in

the traveling; pace the yard, then the street,

the neighbor far away has a nice word

that would have not been heard if you

had not tamed boredom and swept fear



Lady A




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free from boredom and fear

where you create your own world 

The dancing shadows

Soft tallow glow on her face

Careless of the soft music

Paired eyes sparkling

Who cares for the food platter

In real love nothing does matter


(First two lines are stolen from this poem... Sorry )



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Nice introspection