Tips of things

Time tip toes around us

we barely notice where it goes or when it came and went 

thirty years ago is nothing but a blink 

so much to rue,

so many time stamps unpressed in to the face of my memoirs book 

it silently held me captive, distracted and absorbed

not in its passing but preservation

the more I tried to save it, 

the less of it I had 

time just flew past me dancing while I labored 

laughing while railed

racing while I struggled 

and if I could capture time in a very real way,

I would hold it hostage 

and not let it rush about so quickly and let others savour it 

but in all these machinations of time

I have only lost more of it 

if you’re anything like me

you’re wasting it on people, places and things that 

don’t really matter.

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darkpool's picture

Nice train of thoughts,

Nice train of thoughts, elegant conclusions.I like it very much. I too have a thang about time...

eleven_eleven's picture

hmmm some things to think

hmmm some things to think about here. nice write

Stephen's picture

At age 70

Looking back it is all good with no reqrets. Even the regretable bits are just parts of a wonderful whole.  Stephen

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time is precious,and i don`t

time is precious,and i don`t think we really waste any

i can remember when i was 16 and somebody mentioned 20 years from then,i thought that was far,far away

but hell it passed so fast,and it left so many memories

ron parrish

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Trust me I wasted it in the

Trust me I wasted it in the wrong places on the wrong people for the wrong reasons. 

Those I love can never have that back and all the riches the world mean nothin without the comment I have now by realizing this. I have great memories but no where news many as I could have, a life lived well remembers. No regrets Blessingss s s hugss too 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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but i guess that`s just part

but i guess that`s just part of life,,searching for something or someone

ron parrish

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Time Held Hostage

What would the ranssom be? How about a few poems? Ha! I'm a poet though. I'm pretty biased.