Cat amongst the pigeons


Who heralded the news! 

Who put  cat amongst the pigeons

the question? 

Who of who is whose stooge? 

The truth never rings true 

even when truth is by adage stranger than fiction

what if fiction was a precursor of truth?

what if in every truth there was a % of lies 

and in every lie a % of truth

what if every POV changes the percentage? 

The magician uses the art of distraction

slight mind and hand 

what then does miracle worker use? 

The hand of faith and soul 

what does the dramatist use?

Staging and emotion illusion and suspension of disbelief 

Pragmatist use?  

What ever is philosophicaly practical 

what does the conspirator use? 

Any means necessary to move the hand of fate to seed the lies in the Eyes of they wish to hold.

whatdoes the truth demand?

To see the light of day

the cat without the feathers amongst the pigeons.



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allets's picture

The Cat Got Out

by accident and scattered those pigeons, unintentionally, I swear. Nice expose on truth vs untruth and near truths - bravo! - slc