a couple of hopes

The light of the flame flickers on the old man’s face 

his inherent goodness imprinted 

endless search through the dank stale labyrinth 

finally yielded some vague clue 

welcome framed his toothless smile 

scurrying across the dark 

he looked as if he were trying to find some meager offering

Some great prize in his mind with what little he had

but the shuffling doubled and I felt as if two separate entities were moving 

and as I reached forward pushing the light out past my periphery 

another almost identical but softer face lit up with equal joy

and I was at a loss to explain why I who had so much was so unhappy 

they so content with so little.

together I saw the true beauty of man

I did not take them for execution 

I instead reached into my pocket 

and gave then my ham sandwich

i didnt look to see their gratefulness 

it sickened my stomach 

I turned and began retracing my steps

with a firm resolve to change.



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bishu's picture

Gas Chamber WW2 ?

Brings to my mind an executioner leading an oldy to a mass gas chamber during 2nd World War....... But as usual I may be wrong... whatever it was a goodread. Bestest wishes for a Happy June



SSmoothie's picture

Yes very close its a modern

Yes very close its a modern version of socialism and the elderly who are deemed unprofitable are put to death. Well done Bishu! Hugssss

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