Stop, I want to get off!


Don’t confuse my fantasy

with your own reality

my reality as fantasy 

your nightmares in my dreams  

it never is what it seems

my fight for my flight

your might for right 

history repeats

only the people and places change


Kiss the truth good bye 

hug the fantasy tight 

dance with the data

part with the heart 

weep but don’t cry 

Smile but dont sigh

resurect but don’t die 

sing the Song of Songs 

history repeats 

only the sound and lyrics change 


art of life 

life as art 

imitating echos 

love is love 

fucked is fucked 

History repeats 

only the times and labels change 


confusion rains 

the knowers feign 

power reigns 

Money speaks 

conspiracy wreaks 

in God we trusted 

history repeats 

only the themes and victims change 


a second first 

a last best thing 

realise the reality 

lie in the truth 

lay the rest to rest 

history repeats

only nothing really will ever change.


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It Dresses Up

In disguise

life is actually

inside a do over

but it seems

new. If it were

not for delusion,

we would have

little to hope










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Funny thing, life and living

Funny thing, life and living it...


Peace to ya, Smooooooothie