Left by my haunting lover 

no ghost remains 

no line or verse 

in the body of love

will let the fingers of my mind traverse 

The water lies stagnant 

loving eyes have not returned 

warm hearts have fled 

I write to the wind instead 

brokenness of disillusion 

lays it’s grace upon my head 

love has flown 

locked and placed 

the cage has been set 

the unkind cut made

the bleed continues 

im on my own 

as my wordss die

with the one faithful constant 

now faded to dark 

and lie within a lie 

yearning for my lost art

inspite of my refusal 

now inanimate

and begging for life



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Just beautiful! X

Just beautiful! X

Dont look for me, I'll find you ~Moonshadow