Is word that has been twisted inthe vernacular

to make you think what’s really happening isn’t really happening 


only dickheads think politically correct is correct

denying fact over opinion.


inflating self worth to delusional status

You are not better than you are 


Consume get buried and lost in your ephemeral treasures

lose the ability to fight, to survive and self determination 


Offensivism is offensive!

don't you see the irony in that?


the world is not ours,

its theirs. The profiteers the looters and the scammers 


big brother isn’t just a story it’s reality 

they are electronically tagging you already

what on earth do you think for? 


Every digital foot print 

every sense of others truths 

will be erased 

and I for one who value truth and fairness above all

will be the first to perish for my

ability to think, 

criticise, and rouse an awakening 

that will rumble louder 

in my martyrdom 


I guess some things never change 

because we never do

same ol same ol process 

all sheep all lambs 

no real Shepards 


besides es they only want to eat you in the end

whats the point? 


Anyone up for creating a Better Future? 


I’ll be here. 



just incase. 

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So true

I lost all hope when I was talking to a teenager.  She conplained about the bureaucracy at school.  I said, “Don’t let The Man get you down.”  She said “What man?”


”You know, Big Brother.... the establishment?.... The machine?“


And she had not heard of any of these things and had no concept for it.  We are so screwed.

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Oh God help us! - before they

Oh God help us! - before they kill God and hope all together. Dont worry cant prove God doesn't exist . Millenials... self serving dicks well done fake media and sexualisation OF EVERYTHING! Bah humbug! Really? Never heard of the anti establishment movement -wow!  Were fucked. Well all be euthanised if we get too old or unproductive, yet millenials want a 30/70% split work 30 recreation 70% very inflated sense of self worth and weakness supported by pandering to reduce resillience... 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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Sounds about right, except

Sounds about right, except sometimes I want hit people with a crooked stick.

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Definition: Ability to absorb, analyze, disect, see, organize, and say to someone else - see you in the future :D



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relevent, draws you in and good payoff.  

Nice write.