Nothing much

For the times that seemed so dark and hollow 

You have been a beacon of light 

You've  tripped me up 

You've helped  me up 

Your heated touch has stung as well as thrilled

Your eyes have held disspointment 

And unrivaled love 

You've ripped my heart from my soul 

And put it back just as easily 

I guess what I know is that 

The beauty of us

is in the restoration of tragedy 

The righting of wrongs 

The life of lovers 

Tormented souls 

Finding meaning and solace

In each others arms 

Wrapped by the thighs 

In passionate pleas 

For Love to last

Forever and all the versions 

In all dimensions 

Of existence to last for infinity

Is after all our aeons together

The depth of our challenges

Nothing much compared to 

Our infinite forever love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by frostbite. :) 

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Spicy Writing

will check out frostbite. :D