Collab: (Burkej1h & Diamond Wills New War ) The closer I get the further we seem

Wistful memories of simpler times seem so far away
Less complicated days filed with innocent awe and wonder
wrangled into intricate tangles of sensitivities...
My world is both expanding and shrinking simultaneously
I'm running to keep up with the world's spinning
Most the time it feels like I haven't left the beginning.
My own despair, a listless tale; Rusty, rancor, vapid sail
Worlds of hope, yet lost within... Whisp of vapor, in thick of thin
Cold nights, long days, sworn in dismay; My soul bereft in pallor pale
Yet, there is a light the refuses to extinguish, a strange hope and understanding, promising to lead me to who I am in you,
like a moth I dance wearily to the flicker of its tune.
A strand of tangled hopes unravels its self a breath vaguely lighter the tiniest perception afforded a reprieve l look to the flame of my certain truth.
For though my heart be stirred I shall not become faint, the intensity of your form carries my restraint, a mystery of your heart's delight, now seized but never quenched within that sight.
You look upon all who called, upon the breath of life to fall;

Your gaze like the stars above the night,

those passing days within my sight.
You were part of a constellation I never could figure out, a bigger picture
I could never make out, and our light was always a twilight. It's taken
Too long to tell if this sun was setting or rising, maybe it isn't surprising
We both know all things are fleeting but we kept on meeting. The tightness
In our chest as hopes pulled tighter, but our love was always a passing thing
Like an eclipse or comet, mystical, magnificent, but not meant to last.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So quick it just fell into place an absolute pleasure! Title may change tba.. 

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Quiet Reflection

A lot of calm in here - slc