What i learn and what i believe are two very different things


No one wants to give the benefit of the doubt anymore

So soaked into passive psychological programming don't want to hear the reality or possibility. Change is only good if the conspiracy says so

No one has the answers. But everyones got a theory... 

Well it used to.be that way. Now we have conditioned reality

And us crackpots looking into lies and truths are pushed out to the edge 

It interfears with your yoga and retail therapy. Peace is boring.

Why the hell do you tgink we all shake up our lives and let things go on every level? Because conflict gives life and neaning to life. Conflict is the Supreme motivator. But as for facts. They are too big to perceive test or check physically, faithfully. So theres thesr big ol gaps we try and fill  so easy to see on the outside looking in.

Its seems culture is an issue no one can agree on what a good wholesome one is. Or a belief. Hense the global multi cultural and faith dillena the conflict of ages. Thays why assimilation is important. Its the only way we can run tge system smoothly. Laws were supposed to define behaviour abd the culture promote the moral benefits and reinforce it. But the need for conflict and rebellion is too great pride and ego have inflated to delusional proportions. People hace to talk big think big dream big act big before any one takes notice. The little ones are forgotten. I can think this and act completely different. I can belive this and act different. Exploring offensive truths has been labelled bigotry. Racism. Incompatabilities as intollerance. You are your raised culture.  You cant fight it  it will always win.  Lets all go our cultural seperate ways like the tower of babel. It worked. Ambitions are what ultimately destroys us and devides us into Alphas and Betas. Its the Divine rule. Sheep and shepards. The scale goes from family to universe. We are all simms limited by our programming. I refuse to be a sim. I refuse the biggest oxymorons of life political correctness and antidescrimination. I chose loce and rational outcomes. I chose the flock. I choose to be the black sheep and the shepards pest because the truths are subject to agreements and i for one dont mind breaking a single one of them in the name of good and for the better. What bout you? Be real with yourself for a minute or a life time; how much time do you actually put into discovering the nature of the world and what are you doing about the whole picture? You cant see much with your head up anothersheeps ass maybe the shepard because hes talker and carries a big stick but as long as ive lived ive known we can survive very well without the shepard and left to our own devices wed probably stop being slaves too. Or will we? Does the sjepard add to our understanding and success is it too much to think or worry about? Have your micro cobflicts and agressions taken over? 


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Conditioned Reality

I spent a piece of this morning considering precisely that. Who do you trust anymore? Mentors are fine until you peek behind the curtain. Favorite books read twenty years later either give you more or disappoint. We grow constantly. I wish you growth and light. Understanding is not meant for most of the "sheep" and the shepherd spends his time sleeping under a cedar tree. xoxox - slc