The overwriters of sanity

Heading deep down on a downward spiral fast 

I only just got over the last 

im getting weary of climbing myself out

and still I search for the meaning of strife and the thing in it that brings me to life .

thought I found the holy grail 

but I'm writing off scripture and fast

how I let something professional become personal is fucked

because I've got so much already 

I guess not everyone can see the perfect solution 

not everyone lives and breathes for the betterment of others 

or lives in the trenches and just keep going no matter what.

no, I've  got to get off this disrespect train 

there's no honor here 

I'll just write my injustices and leave them here 

got to keep moving

the real job has to get done

more barriers before break throughs 

from useless fucks who throw their soloutions at people 

rather than working them out with them 

cocky cunts got no guts 

the obvious was so clearly written on everyone else's faces 

and still they got it wrong.

ill climb up and walk like royalty  

like the overlooked queen 

God always justifies and in the end 

they don't hear you if you don't scream

ill do my part and suffer humiliation and disrespect 

but it is I that have the true will of the hopeful 

the respect from the lost as I pick them up crumpled and broken 

and straighten them out 

only for others to bruise them

and forget that they are so important 

they are all I think about 

love does not conquer all 

it merely tames for a while 

and I'll walk on, 

tall and bend down with style

into the trenches to lend a hand and some heart

where not everyone dares to go or gives a fuck 

and pull you out with me in spite of their heaped on muck

the strong do, the weak excuse themselves.

sometimes the quickest way to the top is incompetence

and a good rack of excuses and never ending people to blame. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some bosses are morons promotted up ass lickers extraordinaires. Something i refuse to master.

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a never ending quest

a never ending quest ,profound write

ron parrish