just in case you misread my victimology report

I rhyme best when im as mad as a cut snake 

everyone back off and beware for your sake 

the mountains crumble when I shake 

I give better than I take 

it's who I am 

a nice little sparrow doing its thing 

until some beast jerks my wing 

and the talons are drawn 

the fierce griffin transforms 

suvivors live to scorn 

but im a complete enigma 

full of every juxtaposition 

capable of fierce love and joy 

yet toss you about like an old toy

thoughts are fickle things 

given over to many flings 

they flip and turn 

but, I Always win 

and they always burn 

for patience is key

and God always justifies in the end

until, it's left up to me 

then you'd better look the fuck out 

my words never leave whose wrong in any doubt 

so be fair warned 

poke the butterfly and somewhere in the world 

my fingers of fate will scream 

and your nightmare will replace your dreams 

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Daring Write

I like the transformations. Nicely said - slc