Ain't nobody got time for dat!

Who's got the time to listen to my guru shit?

one in a field of millions.

if experience counts I'm a cut above 

if learning from your mistakes means a damn well hit me up

if learning from others mistakes counts more 

well he'll im the most knowlegable. Control freak out there

let me guide guide your life 

you know I'm the real deal 

because all my advice is free.

live well but to live well we must also value well,

what is life worth? And if you could go back to any time 

in your life? Where would you go? And what would you be missing? 

Sometimes we need to think about exactly why the life you're living is worth living

and when it isn't what is missing or should be? 

But then you just look at it's  title and think...

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Life As A Title


always lurking in sun

in darkness, quietly



On a rolling course

up mountain, that's

the trick, to see backward

and know the propinquity

of will be.


This preponderant

reflection broils like water

bubbling, changing states.

Inside is an inferno,

rising like snow falling,

has possibilities.