I seem to have lost my Christmas tact...

another joyous and peaceful Christmas past

each one better than the last,

i guess I lost sight of it all 

sharpened my axe just to grind it on ignorance 

when I should have just kept the faith 

I rode down on your thoughts 

I put pessimism in your way 

I added salt from your tears to your wounds

i poked out your eyes while trying to make you see


and what did I get in return? 

Peace and family reuniting 

quarrels tucked away 

things I never believed came to pass on this miraculous day 

and it wasnt the day, it was the faith in something better

that I, we had the audacity to doubt 

and that I understand now that every saints a sinner 

and that the generosity is un desereved

and yet it was here, in all its glory

the impossible happened


miracle on Lyons street  

by the lamb 

on a tree

in a garden of hope 

for the hopeless 

We got our miracle 


blessed is he he that seeks to find 

and that door that is knocked is never unopened 

for great is the power and the glory bestowed upon him humbly who knocks with a heart of love and the needs of those on his shoulders 

he alone, will not bare.


thankyou amen.

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and ye shall enter. It's like that here Thanksgiving. Good writing - to mood is all that - slc