United World lies (Offensive Rant).

if you criticize my BELIEFS you attack my CULTURE!  


If i criticise your beliefs, I inform my own.


If I seek to understand you my efforts are in vain 


You seek to separate us on purpose so our efforts are in vain.


If you criticise my actions you criticise my race 


I question your acts of evil veiled in ethnic disguise  


Inclusion is a will of force 


it is the act of compassion. 


There are minorities 


this is a term to ensure you are diving yourself as humans from others, sweetened by benefits from controlling lies.

There are no minorities, unless created by cultural genocide. Look around,  what technological bland bag are we collected in? What is the uniting system? The one horse race? The one that abhors diversity? Truth in Identity? 

Of genetics, desires, values, land, creativity and culture? Are you who they want you to be? Ready to rebel? Ready to enact your program to distort? 


If I question your culture destroying my culture - I am a hater


I question your interefearance on my right to live my life. 


You question my dominance 

I question your weakness

You question my logic

I question your ideology

you question my integrity

I question your lack of respect

I don't apologize for who I am 

I don't apologise for who you are 

apologies are as useless as a false prophet 

my genetics beliefs and culture are my identity

I refuse to water it down 

I refuse to lose my way 

till death do I part 

believe this in your heart.


The truth sets you free

possession equals slavery 

blind obedience  the ultimate sin 

question the system you're in 

read your own book of belief 

question the lies! 

All set on the road to Armageddon and only the few understand why? 

the rest are happiy living in delusion 

bying and selling peace as if it was not tied in our hands 

compassion for diversity 

can have no exception 

you are just trading one supioriority complex over another

true peace is to abolish the 4 systems 

break the stallion's legs 

the true conspiracy is 

that evil beings seek good people to do bad things

and depending on your programming who is right? 

I beg you,

Forget it all and look into the eyes of another

your mirror, your family your friend.

do not ever be afraid to be human 

nor be its greatest value 



Knowledge is power, to find truth thus is freedom. 

There is only one law 


it started near the beginning 

and will never end.


An easy life is no life at all


Unite the world 

unbelieve the lies!

peace equals compromise 

compromise equals compassion 

everything else,



Author's Notes/Comments: 

a babble on babel...

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Well the UN doesn't like

Well the UN doesn't like America why? As the old Jewish adage goes "You do the math..." ;) 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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The World

Earth has been host to evil and lies

and compassion, truth, and goodness.

That's the battle, that's the challenge.

There is no light without darkness;

our legacy. Lighting a candle?

A start.


Good rant - Stella



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Really good to read. Thank you for your expression.

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