Rip me apart you know you wanna...

Come on let me hear it! 

Rip me to shreds in my failed philosophies

The hypocrisy that none possess but me

The irony of my delusions 

Go for it 



free of judgement 

And retribution 

A safe space 

To talk 

To express fears and frustration 

Agression met with calm 

Hate net with love 

An anonymous encounter 

Take me to task

I want to grow

Tear me open 

Let me bleed 

With nothing but 


Take me on 

Im ready to elevate consciousness 

Defind my spirit 

And trabsform my soul 


But, beware 

The process goes both ways 

Shall we begin? 



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allets's picture

The ? At The End

is a bow on the present, chocolate syrup on the ice cream. Sweet! ~Stella~