As if i care!

I dont care what you think about me

I only care that you think.

That you're brave enough

to embrace an opinion not of your own 

To empathise 

Logically analiyse

To cast out evil 

To call in the good 

Whatever that may look like to you

I can still love you despite what you say

What you belive and how you live

It doesn't make me any better than you

It just makes me a whole lot wiser and  nicer 

The world needs more critical thought and compassion 

These are what is in dire need. 

I didnt come here for judgement 

I came here to think out loud and read

To really listen, will you? 


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U Tell Em!

"I came here to think out loud and read..." Poetry writing as thinking out loud. Love it! I gotta do more of that. Someone is always "better" than we and someone is always "better" than they. Go figure! We are all conglomertates of what we experience. :D