What if I told you depression ISN'T real...?

What if i told you your demons are a result of constant programming you to want more than you need, more than you deserve?


What if i told you its completely reversable?


That you take over your subconcious conciously. Mindfully and manually work at the art of appreciation. Tell your self what you constantly dont need. 


Dont fall for the time trap. It was invented by the rat race to turn us all into rats  Pavlov's dogs on steroids. Silence the bell and make a concious choice using your God-given free will.


Smile at the sun, wink at the moon,

warmly blow a kiss to the stars and never look back at the passive way you let thise demons control your life.


Pain free, drug free, because you choose to give it no consent. No dominion.


You, one of the great contributions of this incredible world; who was stopped from manifesting all your potential because you were too busy trying to find a name and a source for your apathy and frustration.  Because thats the way a fool is used as tool of destruction.


YOU have THE  POWER to CHANGE EVERYTHING. Its in YOUR HANDS. Call in the beauty and grace of the universe as I AM 

It is assured.


What if you BELIEVED me? 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dare you to think better on purpose  call out the shit you dont need and cast it off  whats stopping you from trying? What ever it is conmand it to leace and replace it with patience kindness and appreciation. Fear is for the oppressed.

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The Ultimate Pep Talk

U tell 'em SS. Get up and do something! (Somehow I missed this write). Good one! Necessary.