Starss over the tide

Grassy knolls crunch gently under foot 

Winding wind sweeps around folding me in 

Soft sunlight dips through the clouds 

And through the lightly blustering playfulness i hear your name carried 

Sea air slips open long shallow held lungs 

Release on the bounty of home 

Eyes devour the horizon longingly 

News had come days ago 

Life had begun to stir inside 

But the sun sank in the same beat of a longing heart 

The north star twinkled hope 

A quiet prayer lept on the wind 

Another faint trace of sound 

Whats in a name when it has no form? 

Another prayer slips out to search the sea

The sun pulls the sky as purple draws over,  

Dragging with it a blanket of velveteen,

glittered with stars 

twinkling beacons of light dancing to the song of hope 

Waiting for the moon to make her grand entrance 

Maybe on the faintly illuminated horizon

Love may finally appear amongst the stars...

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Startide Rising

A book I owned long ago. This is beauty and love inseparably entwined. Cool write - allets -




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Beautiful smoothie! Love the stars...

Copyright © morningglory

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This is gorgeous poetry. Full

This is gorgeous poetry. Full of live, vivid imagrey that captures the emotions of the lucky reader :)

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This is beautiful

This is beautiful