I owe you something

I have nothing to prove

And much to say 

You dont have to listen.

Thats ok.

But don't expect me to stay quiet 

And your bullshit? 

I dont have to buy it.

You don't shape my reality 

But you inform it 

Had a few bubbles of yours i had to burst 

But fair is fair

you're the worst! 

You may, or may not care.

Your bullshit got old.

And I was never sold 

You're too soft and weak 

But you growl like a lion when I speak 

Acting all shady

And scream like baby 

When it looks like thought stress 

No, I don't need losers with heads of mess 

Panic and shake 

Fist and take 

Grow up cupcake  

Stand up for something real

A brand new ideal

And stop being fake!

I refuse to leave the future in your hands for Gods sake! 

You don't know whether you're coming or going 

Left or right or as the wind's blowing 

I owe you some advice:

Shut the fuck up

you useless whining cunt.

I wish I may, I wish I might fucking give you a 

Left, right goodnight! 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dont judge ive been to hell more than a few times for you.  Got something to say? Have you? Then say it but accept my version of it.

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burkej1h's picture

I wish I may... left right

I wish I may... left right hahahaha--- clever!

allets's picture

A Few Hell Visits

Tell me about it! Seen the gates and the innards lots of times. Glad to have gotten out. Let's throw a few more carcases on the fire (ha!) - allets -