Well Anticipated...

Soul mates

Lying on the bed,

tits up, box out.

Another tiny, dank room.

the Grimy walls, occasionally spell out the letters of your name.

Anticipation draws up over me like a thin veil.

Eyes transfixed on the door...

the simple clatter of the door knob makes me shudder! 

Searching the crack of light

pouring through the narrow slit, 

for a sign of the shadowed edges of your outline.

Pinpricks travel from standing buds

perched atop milky mounds 

to the velveteen flanked crevice.

Sweetly swollen lips, moisten.

Moulten heat spears through the core of desire

Centrifugal forces conspire continually brining us closer 

via these shabby shanties and dangerous hovels 

that fade away the second I feel your presence 


Crackling frequencies cross over,

the smell of you whispers forewarning! 

Eyes wide open, 

dripping core and 

impertinent mounds shout their presence! 

The door widens,

matching the gape of well primed thighs.

your manhood precedes you proudly.

Cocksure, your gait swaggers

counter to your member.

Toes curling over;

contact is imminent... 


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allets's picture

"cocksure your gait swaggers"

You seem to have captured something here. It eludes me. This is definitely outside my sphere of experience. And ALL poets are liars! Well sculpted/emoted - Stella