Far away eyes cast their gaze upon ever rearranging light pins 

Fragile connections vibrate amongst a rare and delicate frequency 

The atmosphere lightens and sprawls across a mindscape 

and darkens just as quickly when the mood beckons 

Hanging in the in the air of possibilities I miss your company

Your wise to my closed eyes

My warm heart to your raging calm 

My serendipitous words across your concise beauty 

I kiss you hello on the wind aiming for your right cheek

The side you let me ride shotgun

But as always 

I visit the spaces you leave behind 

Not sure if you even care about glancing at the pinholes of patterns I leave behind 

I cry a crystallized tear 

and put it in a box labeled deaerst b.

hugss always.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i missed you buddy.

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A New Way to See


"...I visit the spaces you leave behind..." this perspective is so uniquely constructed. A fresh view of memories in 3-D. Bravo write - Lady A -