A pound of flesh

Like flesh missing from my bones, your absence screams at me 

dry days fold into empty nights that sleep even refuses to visit 

the warm of your breath starkly unavailable 

life it seems left with you 

the heart wants what the heart wants 

it cut its self out 

what use has it of these dry bones 

and this longing disposition 

seeking only your return 

one dropless beat at a time 

I wait for the get down

when your eyes breath life back into mine 

and brings the flesh back to these bones 

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Blackwingedbird's picture

Lusty.....data confirmed.

Lusty.....data confirmed.

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"...one dropless beat at a time..."

The smooth one is back with a vengeance. Time is a factor, however, and we must consider thoroughly how soon a ripped out heart dries up all its blood to be dropless? Or, time is not a factor and the image speaks for itself. SSmoothie is on it and it is good to be on it too once more. - Lady A -