Your eyes are closed to mine 

Eye to eye and walls as high as forever stood there 

Shut out of the universe I would get so lost in

Gone is the feeling of weightlessness 

Some other entity has entered wrapping your affections tight

But I see your soul is choking 

Denying the truth is useless 

I've been there 

I've returned to find you gone.

Love on this level will find a way

It always does 

We don't need to fight for our love 

we've never had to 

The embers in your eyes will ignite like a bonfire once again

Burning brightly with our ceremonial love song 

White light and harmonies 

You know how harmonies are created 

One note slightly off, half a beat behind 

That's why our music is so beautiful,

It has every depth and color of love 

Darkest dark, lightest light 

Brillant colours crossing over intermittently 

to paint universal truths 

Woven with bittersweet lies 

with one look in each other's eyes 



Its ok, 

I'll just wait...

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It's The Quest

What the heart conceives never conforms to the reality - the reality is great most of the time, but the down times are hard. There is always "the rub" the excrutiating hours - the make-ups that don't quite meet the heart's definition either. you speak it or write it, but being quiet will never make a piece of the heart's expecations a reality. We try. - allets -




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so beautiful and powerful, yet vulnerable.  it sounds like your soul wrote it.  

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your words are beautiful, and

your words are beautiful, and Im sure your soul matches. Love your works as deeply as I possibly can, with a hint of wild jealousy.

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And my mind is jealous of

And my mind is jealous of yours my soul has a long way to go before it's white and even longer for my love ;) cheers mr Poofs the mind is a terrible thing to waste a soul is at its mercy so funny that since it decays so easily and yet has the power to taint the immortal... 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am