Blindsided: un-loving is hard.


You've come again

delivered by the twisted hands of fate

swirling around my senses 

Just the idea of you takes me aflight 

I'm on a tilt, the axis feels so right 

Heartskips missing beats 

Excitement crackles the electricity between us 

It's not right 

But it's inexplicably addictive 

Denial is the only truth 

Calm over anxiety

Eyes meet 

Heady Confusion 

Skin on skin, a pleasant courtesy 

A mere brush on the cheek 

Stealing so much more 

Than the microscopic dermis impaled on Un shorn jaws 

Lips that left heated traces 

Rushed prickles down newly flushed cheeks and into my cleavage

nestled deep 

It's been so long

So giddy but on guard 

I forgot the divineness of being swept up in your atmosphere  

Deftly, You took that heartstring between us

gathering it into a loving bow

 I was so busy untying it I got tangled up in knots 

Panic under cool 

I washed with thoughts of ice 

I combed with logic 

I dressed in disregard 

I know what comes next 

The pain 

But we both know it's too late 

It's all started again...




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It is hard. Might go through

It is hard. Might go through this soon.