Waiting on God.



I'm flicked over, 

Stressed and confused

I've thrown it up to the Lord 

But I have yet to hear news

Painful chest clenching heart wrenching wait 

Will they show the value of faith? 

Did I believe in the wrong people?

How dire the results if it's true

That all that love and patience 

Was wasted on every one of you.






If you're looking for me

I'll just be here huddled in the corner,

fighting with whatever I can

Waiting for God.



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Loving your chaotic mind a glimpse into your thought waves srill takes me on a journey. Good to be back


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You Believed

in the right people - it is within your faith to do so always - unfurl, meander around in the world, like me ~Stella~



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Great thought & write Respected SS

Without faith we'll be naught

Profess faith & get caught

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this is really emotionally

this is really emotionally charged. I enjoyed immensely. I hope your love was not wasted. He'll find you, I've heard he always does, just sometimes when its least expected.