morbidly ironic

How easily we bend and part for such closed unbending cultures we eadily betray our own using tollerance and acceptance as a feeble  subterfuge to our inability to stand up for ourselves. Our beliefs. Sickly push overs wanting peace in the middle of a war. Want to love your way through it and ive tried. God knows ive tried. But i refuse to let anyone take MY SACRED BELIEFS WITH MY OWN BELIEFS. This is the work of the devil. When a prayer room is looked upon with one denomination when another faith enters the disaproval reeks with abomination. This not equality. This is not unity or embracing our difference. One way streets dont work that way. Hate does tollerance does. Understanding openess and empathy does. Freedom? We all sold that off ages ago subscribing now. Will you stand up for whats right? Will you leave your belefs intact? How long will those who benefit control the parameters of love and faith. There is no justice that is why there is compassion and forgiveness because nothing else comes close. We must all live in the doctrines of good we must losen the hold of the darkness rising and like stars colide together in hope and love to truly change the world. There is no fair. Only moving fowards through time one devastating blow at a time held together by tge belief that it is all oit of our control. The hope outside ourselves that place where prayers and wishes go only there is freewill and the darkness in every doorway masqurading as truth and emlightenment. Me. I stand for freewill and the good of all humanity despite my faulted and convoluted perspective. 

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I own a pair for any situation - I think about ignorance as bliss. A capitalist bought justice and freedom of speech, free will, and put a price tag on freedom of religious existence. Getting back morality and progress for as many as possible is a worthy goal, never attained, but worthy. Moving through time, take on challengeable problems one at a time - oh yes! If we have time. ~allets~