the unforgiven...



Old Wounds roused

bubbling up from deep within

pulling thier scars apart from the seams underneath 

Pains squeezing their ressonance

into the tissues

forcing physical contortions on my stone face 

Pushing the frown lines

buckling them up to form deep crevaces








Lips trembling

Fighting the thrust of invisible thread.

 arches pushing up and the dragging down the corners sewing the words I want to speak in.



fortified dams

lined with thick walls

woven from denial of pain,

suddenly filled to burtsting...


Cant hold back?

Wont hold back!

Pouring manic pain...


Torrents of truth and revelations.??!!!


drowning inbetween uncrtain breaths of hope !?!?

Cant breathe!!

cant think*!?!???

Strength leaves me...


Cant function,




Just feel...











Rise... old wounds,

busting through thier scars

from underneath

I ooze back into life,

 thinking, breathing, feeling


strong enough

to start the process

of weaving...




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Really awesome. I know the

Really awesome. I know the pain. I don't get migraines very often but they are crippling and I kind of related this poem to that. I know its about mistakes and the crippling guilt and its very well written.  The pauses are at perfect points in the poem

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Thanks Carcass but this is

Thanks Carcass but this is just as much about the person who has been wronged as a person who has done wrong. If you read it again from the other perspective it has a duality to it. holding a grudge or holding on to pain. Eveb releasing it for a while doesnt really matter in the end because it still travels with us just as easily as the risk of hurting someone or someone hurting us. Omnipresent in the back or forefront of our minds. Guilt isa strange thing. Not all of us have it in the same degree. Is it measured out or programmed in? I wonder what the ratio is and how to factor the factors in? Thanks for reading sorry about the migraines. And yes you can take thos poem anyway you relate to it :) its allowed. Hugss 

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Yeah that makes more sense. I

Yeah that makes more sense. I have always interpreted poems differently than most. Oh well gives a different perspective on the matter!