Ego – is always the enemy


Knowledge puffs up. But love builds up.


Its not enough to be a student

at the beginning.

It is a position that you must assume

for life.


It is impossible to learn, when one thinks

he already knows.

The second we tell ourself, we have graduated

the learning grinds to a halt.


Learn the difference between prominence

and significance.

Some of the most signifiant people on earth

have little or no prominence.


Whatever you do, do it with your whole soul


Humble people are meek

they are not weak.


And always beware of the great disease

of self glory


Ego – is always the enemy.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

Mark Twain


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Here go ego, again and again.

Here go ego, again and again. Great springboard from Pauline thought who was well versed in both Greek and Scriptural philosophy. 

here is poetry that doesn't always conform

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Hell of a thing


Hell of a thing – the ego.

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First thing I encounter as I

First thing I encounter as I rouse from sleep in the morning and wrestle with sometimes quite visibly the rest of my waking hours! 

here is poetry that doesn't always conform

galateus, arkayye, arqios,arquious, crypticbard, excalibard, wordweaver

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I applaud your profound

I applaud your profound spiritual wisdom---as demonstrated in this poem and others you have posted here.  This site and the members of this site are indeed fortunate to have access to the excellence of your poetry, and the privilege of your spiritual insight.

Starward becoming J-Called

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You have nurtured a great many people


Of all the people on this site, you and Patricia are perhaps our two greatest luminaries. Not only do you contribute fine creative works when you put the needle to the record, but you contribute a great deal of spirit and encouragement, to a great many people. A lot of people are kept alive in their pursuit of poetry, by that encouragement – myself included. And I have observed over the years that you have nurtured a great many people. More than I could ever count. You have a very generous soul and that’s precisely what this place needs more of. If everyone gave and nurtured to the extent that you do, this place would once again become a shining edifice – and undoubtedly, we would have an explosion of new creativity. Because sometimes, especially the new people who are just touching their toes into the waters of poetry for the first time, all they need is a little encouragement to stick it through, and keep going. You do a lot of that, and we are all thankful.