still burning it down


We were two


embers at the start


Both glowing hot for

a myriad

of colourful changes


You, with a tenure


risk modelling


And me, with a flare


pitch the dice



To the outsider, it appeared


a circus of The Fates


And yet somehow, here

we are

still, perfectly bound





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patriciajj's picture

Sparkling and alluring

Sparkling and alluring metaphors breathe a whirlwind of energy into this little study of human attraction. "To the outsider," you write, "it appeared/ as/ a circus of The Fates", but there is something very real, lasting and "glowing hot" in the delicate inferno of the union.


A dazzling dance.


S74rw4rd's picture

In short lines, a brief span,

In short lines, a brief span, and a very conversational tone, this poem delves splendidly into a universal human condition.

Starward becoming J-Called