and everything was lost


I had lighted my


Over strange and rough terrain

To carry


Deliver a bag of Love


And I carried it with goodness

and good intent

Over mountains and wilderness

Over rivers and gorges


Seas and desert plains

Just to deliver it


It was a special bag of Love


I put everything I had

into it,


Everything I was


everything I had to offer


But when the moment came

To hand it off,


Played a cruel trick


And the soggy bottom

Fell out


…and everything was Lost








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The metaphor of a journey,

The metaphor of a journey, and of a journey of delivery, is well deployed here, and then smashed to smithereens in the last seven lines.  While this is a rather dismal conclusion, ir does add great poignancy to the poem.

Starward becoming J-Called

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the karmic hope of every journey

The journey is everything. The destination – is but a stepping stone. The key, is to remember the hurt… in the hope that we do not repeat it, on the next journey.




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What very wise words!

What very wise words!

Starward becoming J-Called